What is SOLE?

November 27, 2010

A SOLE is comprised of three parts:

  1. first a big question that doesn’t have an easy answer for example:
  2. Then student are given time to investigate the big question in groups with less technology than there are group members
  3. and finally each group comes to the front of the classroom and presents their findings to the rest of the class and discussion takes place. time for the class to review their findings together and this happens by each group presenting their findings to the rest of the class and discussion taking place.

This entire process happens in one class period and is repeated once a week or once every other week by the teacher. Each time it is repeated a different question is used. Student emphasis is placed on improvement.

Fundamentally the simplicity of this process and the wide-ranging potential applications is what is so appealing about this process. Almost every classroom in America already has the technology needed to make this work in the classroom and because this can be done in existing class periods by teachers of any content area, the potential for rapid implementation is very high.

So inherently, it addresses all of the needs of the teacher: It is simple to implement

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Jeff McClellan
Author Jeff McClellan
2010 November 27