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Easy-to-implement project-based and inquiry learning.

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What would happen if all the insects disappeared?

a laptop showing StartSOLE in Spanish

These are among the many questions that students have asked of themselves and their peers. And then, they’ve set out to find answers in a learning journey that is packed with tangible and diverse skill-building opportunities.

In Self-Organized Environments (SOLEs), small groups of students are asked big questions, and then left to work together to answer those questions.

That’s the BIG IDEA of StartSOLE, a catalytic, tested and vetted innovation that empowers students to explore multiple new dimensions of autonomy while collaborating with peers.

Think of StartSOLE as inquiry-based learning for any subject at any time.

Think of it as a way to promote teamwork and collaboration.

Think of it as a solution for engaging students.

Just don’t overthink it. The beauty of StartSOLE is its simplicity.

Organized Learning Environments


Start with a big question, designed to provoke curiosity and lead to more questions. We've got 18,000+ big questions to help you get started.


Learners organize into small groups and collaborate using a single internet device to search for answers. Our mobile app makes it easy to facilitate the process.


Each group presents their discoveries. Use our tools to manage time and keep track of your rubrics.

Ready to Start?

Try the app now on your iPhone or iPad. Download the app from the App Store.

Keep track of time during your SOLE and manage transitions easily with our timer. Share time remaining with learners and keep things on track with warnings and reminders.

Select behaviors you'd like to focus on during a SOLE like collaborating or using vocabulary appropriately, then take photos and record notes as they happen with our app.

Complete a brief guided reflection after each SOLE and get help from our community with any challenges you may have faced.

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