Strength to Strength

March 31, 2016

Self-Organized Learning started with Dr. Sugata Mitra, from Newcastle University in the United Kingdom. Newcastle continues to support his vision through their School in the Cloud project, who just published a very nice profile of our organization after our 1,000 student SOLE session.

The really incredible thing is that there is no requirement for teachers to try SOLE, it is not a top-down policy, McClellan simply introduced the concept and then waited for people to come and ask him about it. Which they did. Lots of them. He suggests that there are two reasons why it’s being so widely used: it’s so easy to implement and it’s incredibly engaging for students, and he speaks with evident pride about the way that he has seen regular SOLE use beginning to change the learning identity of students from passive consumers to learners who are actively creating their own opportunities.

Read More at the the School in the Cloud

Justin Duffy
Author Justin Duffy
2016 March 31