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January 29, 2019

We’re always working to improve our tools, and recently overhauled our question search UI to make it easier for you to find a great Big Question for your next SOLE session. I wanted to take a few minutes to highlight some of these changes and help you get familiar with our new layout.

Simple, Cleaner Layout

We’ve redesigned search to focus on the most important things teachers are looking for: great questions in your subject area and grade. Our new search interface puts these front and center, while still allowing you to drilldown to the standards level if you’re looking to cover a specific content strand or standard.

Preview Results

You can now preview how many questions will be available at every level of your search, making it easier to balance when you want to stop refining your search criteria.

Easy Filtering

It’s now even easier to filter by keyword, standard, or saved/created questions. All search filters are available with a single tap just above the keyword field.

List and Pick Modes

Quickly switch between a list of question cards and our picker mode for question review. You can now flip between these options seamlessly without having to return to the main menu.

Full Standards Text

Our new standards refine interface means you will get the full text version of each standard, not just the shorthand codes. This makes it easier to read and contextualize your search rather than having to know you’re looking for HSG-GPE-B.5 you can read the full text version and know your students will be learning about parallel and perpendicular lines.

Improved Speed and Tagging

We’ve got thousands of great Big Questions in our database from users all over the world. Our new update makes it faster and easier than ever to find a great question with improved auto-tagging for user submitted questions and a faster and more stable search interface. Here’s a brief tutorial showing you how to create your first StartSOLE lesson plan using our new question interface:

As usual, we’d love to hear what you think, check out the new release here and contact us with your feedback.

Frans Bouwmeester
Author Frans Bouwmeester
2019 January 29