Teach Kids to Teach Themselves

September 30, 2015

The Cleveland Plain Dealer published a great bio of StartSOLE that introduces the process and includes some good photos of SOLEs in action in local Cleveland schools. I liked this quote from Ms. Krohn:

Nine months after introducing the concept, SOLE is in use in more than 100 state classrooms…Orange Math teacher Christa Krohn, who teaches an accelerated eighth grade math class, experimented with the SOLE concept in her classroom last week, with great success. “The key is having the right question,” she said. “You don’t want it to be too easy so students can find the answer right away, but you also don’t want it so difficult that they get discouraged. But I can see how this process can be incredibly successful with all levels of students.”

Read More at the Cleveland Plain Dealer

Justin Duffy
Author Justin Duffy
2015 September 30