Frequently Asked Questions

  • perm_identityWhat do teachers need to do?
    The StartSOLE platform is designed for easy adoption. Teachers merely create an account, select a question and enter basic information that will customize a lesson plan for their classroom.
  • contact_supportWhat if a teacher doesn’t know the answer to one of the questions?
    This is the whole point of inquiry. You don’t need to know the answers to the questions. Through the process, you become an engaged learner. Your role is one of a facilitator and the importance is for students to discover information using credible sources and information.
  • devicesWhat technology is needed?
    StartSOLE works on any internet-enabled device. Students don’t need to be logged into StartSOLE. One device for every two students is sufficient.
  • model_trainingWhat training is needed?
    Very little training is required to start using StartSOLE. Teachers can begin within minutes by simply logging in, downloading questions and designing lessons. StartSOLE does have a team of educators to deliver professional development.
  • library_booksWhat subjects can StartSOLE power?
    StartSOLE can power all subjects and can be customized to include standards for any subject.
  • square_footIs the content aligned to standards?
    The content can be aligned and customized to any content standard and then provides tracking mechanisms for determining the length of time students spend on various content areas.
  • timerHow long does a SOLE session take?
    StartSOLE sessions take one class period and the process is repeated no more than one time per week. The lesson planning tool on the site will provide with a customizable time breakdown for your class.
  • attach_moneyWhat are the costs of StartSOLE?
    StartSOLE is free for users but can be customized for schools, districts, and groups of districts. For information about customizations and costs visit
  • family_restroomWhat ages are suitable for StartSOLE?
    StartSOLE is suitable for all ages of students from K-12 but we have seen the best results with students in grades 3-12.
  • groupCan StartSOLE be used with adults?
    YES. StartSOLE is a great way to increase engagement and model student-cnetered inquiry with adult trainigs. We actually have a video that talks about StartSOLE in higher education.
  • help_outlineWhat makes StartSOLE different from other PBL and inquiry based programs?
    Many other programs require a high level of commitment from teachers and students that are sometimes difficult to secure. StartSOLE complements other inquiry-based and project-based learning platforms by serving as a basic, threshold introduction to the important components of inquiry- and project-based learning.