SOLE is Self Organized Learning Environments

Self Organized Learning Environments (SOLE) is a simple educational approach designed to promote inquiry and foster self-empowerment.

How does SOLE work?

The educator introduces the Big Question and shares some background or a short story around the question. It’s important to remember not to lead students to an answer or in any way reveal what they should learn. Big questions should lead to more questions, and don’t have a single right answer.

Students organize into groups. From this moment, the educator simply let’s the adventure begin! Students begin exploring the big question, jumping on computers and searching for answers. In some cases, open and supportive questions may help, and very important, offer encouragement.

Each group now presents their discoveries. This is one of the most important elements of the session as it gives them a chance to think more deeply about what they’ve found out, and how they discovered it. Ask the groups how they found their answers and what they think went well - as well as what they could do differently next time.

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